Daddy Newbie

  1. Trying to play with my son while he’s going through his slapping / swiping phase.

    It’s like:

    Funny slap gif


  2. Being a parent and slowly growing out of touch with what’s popular nowadays, when I meet up with some of my non-parent friends.

    I am (unfortunately) the one who is like:

    Gangstas gif


  3. When I am beyond exhausted at a friend’s house and get up to get ready to leave, forgetting that I still have to pack up my son, who is sleeping in the other room.

    I’m like:

    Bird with fake baby gif


  4. When I accidentally knock my son’s snack container off the counter and onto the floor, and it rolls right over to his feet, minutes before dinnertime.

    I’m like:

    Game of thrones gif


  5. When our son sits down to read one of his books.

    He’s like:

    robot reading book gif


  6. Now that my son has picked up on how to run, how he makes his way down the hallway nowadays.

    It’s like:

    Captain America gif


  7. When my son doesn’t want to wear his shoes.

    It’s like:

    Wrestling gif


  8. When our son is having some difficulty sleeping at night and we bring him into bed with us, but after five minutes he begins tossing around and kicking us.

    In an effort to let my wife keep sleeping, my reaction to him - more or less - is like:

    No talk threat


  9. When I FINALLY get my son down for his nap and FINALLY get a chance to go to the bathroom, and I hear him start to cry after less than 10 seconds of my being in the room.

    I’m like:

    Gravity gif


  10. When I’m talking to a friend and notice that across the room, my son has just discovered the basement staircase.

    I’m like:

    Grand Budapest Hotel gif