Daddy Newbie

  1. When I was begging the baby to fall asleep as we traveled overseas on a red eye flight.

    He was like:

    Gladiator gif


  2. When I’m playing with my son and the opening song to his favorite TV show starts playing in the background.

    He’s like:

    Weird face gif


  3. When a person I’m speaking with is ignoring my son’s obvious fussing in my arms and continues on with his story as though we’re the only two people in the room.

    I’m like:

    Wolf of Wall Street gif


  4. When I turn on the faucet to distract the baby for a few moments.

    He’s like:

    Splashing water gif


  5. When the fathers are assigned baby watching duties at a BBQ while the wives are inside getting everything ready, and the kids begin going nuts all at once.

    We’re all like:

    Doing it over there gif


  6. When my son is trying to put the square block in the circle hole.

    It’s like:

    Kid freaking out gif


  7. Whenever I leave food within my son’s reaching distance.

    It’s like:

    Dog eating cupcakes gif


  8. When I take the baby’s toy away so that we can get ready to leave, but it’s prior to his being done playing with it.

    His reaction, almost to a T, is like:

    Plains, Trains, and Automobiles gif


  9. When the baby finishes his bottle of milk.

    For the next few minutes, he looks like:

    Seahawks gif


  10. The first time the baby ever went in a bouncy house.

    It was like:

    Cat on trampoline gif