Daddy Newbie

  1. When the baby’s hungry but I mistake it for boredom, and set up toys in front of him to play with.

    His reaction to my efforts, more or less, goes like:

    Throwing Christmas tree gif


  2. When the baby sneezes on me without warning.

    It’s like:

    Spock gif


  3. When I’ve exhausted all my energy chasing the baby around, and he still wants to play.

    It’s like:

    Cat pulling foot gif


  4. When the baby is having fun taking his Cheerios from the bowl and feeding them to me, and then he switches things up and takes one from his mouth and tries giving it to me.

    I’m like:

    Jonah Hill gif


  5. The baby says “momma” all the time, even when he’s looking at me.

    I’m like:

    Zoolander gif


  6. When the baby is babbling but it’s in a higher range, and he sounds completely different.

    We’re like:

    Always Sunny gif


  7. When the baby looks at me and starts crying for no reason.

    I’m like:

    Seinfeld gif


  8. When we first gave the baby some pizza.

    He was like:

    Chris Farley gif


  9. When new parents tell me their baby sleeps 12 hours a night, every night, without ever waking up.

    I’m like:

    Ostrich chasing giraffe


  10. As the baby becomes more mobile by the day, my reaction skills have heightened tremendously.

    Every day, there’s at least one moment where it’s like:

    Chris Farley gif